Dark Rose

Dark Rose

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Heicha Dark Tea with Rose Petals

Hunan, China

This endearing tea is from the family of tea called 'heicha', which simply translates to 'dark tea'. Similar to shou puer, heicha is oxidized and then goes through an aging or post-fermenting process. These teas are usually pressed into cakes for further aging and development. This particular little heart is earthy, sweet and mild, and is lifted by the subtle aroma of the rose petals pressed with the tea. You'll fall in love!

Steeping instructions:

Gongfu style: 95°C water, 1 heart/100mL. 1st steep: 30 seconds, then add 10 seconds each subsequent steep

Western style: 95°C water, 1 heart/500mL (approx. a large mug). 1st steep: 3 minutes, add 1 minute each subsequent steep.