Iccha Kariban

Iccha Kariban

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Japanese Green Tea

Kagoshima, Japan

This lovely steamed green tea from the southern tip of Japan is a first-flush harvest and offers the full, sweet umami flavours that Japanese teas are known for. The small, dark leaves brew up a bright yellow-green with no bitterness or astringency. You'll feel as though you are standing in a sun-drenched tea field with an ocean breeze drifting by. 

Steeping instructions:

Gongfu style: 75°C water, 3g leaves per 100ml of water. 15 seconds per steep.
Western style: 75°C water, 1g per 100ml of water (this is approx. 2 tsp for a large mug). 1st steep: 2 minutes, then add 30 seconds for each subsequent steep

Note: if steeping this tea gongfu style, a strainer is recommended as this tea has quite fine leaves.