Sweet River

Sweet River

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Laoshan Black Tea

Phoenix Village, Shandong, China
Spring 2019

This beautiful black tea dreams of being dessert- right from the first sip, the flavour of dark chocolate is unmistakable. Floating on top of that flavour are notes of toasted walnut and warm waffles, possibly leaving you with memories of the chocolate-filled waffle cone end of an ice cream treat. So decadent!

This tea is grown in the Laoshan region of Shandong province. This area doesn't produce a huge amount of tea, but the farmers here have absolutely perfected this variety, in part due to the famously clear and delicious groundwater and rivers there. Hence, Sweet River. 

Steeping Instructions:

Gongfu style: 95°C water, 5g leaves per 100ml of water. 1st steep: 15 seconds, then add 5 seconds for each subsequent steep. 

Western style: 95°C water, >1g per 100ml of water (about a tablespoon for a large mug). 1st steep: 3 minutes, then add 1 minute for each subsequent steep