Madhuting Estate 2nd Flush

Madhuting Estate 2nd Flush

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Assam Black Tea

Fall 2017

This lovely Indian black tea from the Madhuting Estate is a very well balanced tea that is really versatile. If you're a breakfast tea lover who wouldn't dream of skipping the sugar and milk, this tea has enough robustness to satisfy. But if you're a purist, the malty/sweet balance with a hint of molasses is wonderful all on its own. 

Steeping instructions

Gongfu style: 95°C water, 3-4g of tea per 100ml water. 1st steep: 15 seconds, add 5 seconds for each additional steep.

Western style: 95°C water, >1g of tea per 100ml water. (This is approx. 1 tablespoon for a large mug.) 1st steep: 3 minutes, add 1 minute each additional steep.